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St. Lawrence

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Welcome Fr. Arock!
Fr. Arockiadas “Arock” Arokiasamy has been appointed ad interim (The Latin phrase ad interim means "in the meantime" or "temporarily") Pastoral Administrator of our Parish, until we receive a new bishop to appoint a new pastor.  Fr. Arock is not new to us.
He served at our parish for 8 months after he was Ordained Deacon (along with our own Deacon Reid Myers on June 2nd, 2012).
On May 18th, 2013 Fr. Arock was Ordained to the Sacred Priesthood, and was assigned as Parochial Vicar of Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary in Lexington.
As a Canon lawyer, he is a member of the Tribunal Council of the Diocese  of Lexington.We are very blessed and joyful to have him here to serve our parish.
Let’s anchor our vision in the Eucharistic Presence of Christ